Part of Co:LAB Festival 2018. Created by the Royal Exchange Theatre's Open Exchange.


  • By Big Liars
  • 21 July 2018
  • The Front Room

Commit is an interactive show about a young black man making a personal decision on a very public stage.

Every year young men across America commit to a college of their choice to play American Football. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime: a free college education and a chance to go to the National Football League (NFL) and make millions.

Immerse yourself in the supporting cast behind his decision.

You can join his family, assist the coaches hunting for his commitment and tweet the fans who say they’ll name their baby after him if he chooses their school.

“You do whatever it takes to get them to commit, because you know the other guys will.” You won’t just experience this world, the college he chooses will be shaped by the decisions you make.

Bring your phone and join BIG LIARS on a journey using live social media to explore the pressure between what other people want for us and what we really want for ourselves.

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  • Event Information
  • VENUE: The Front Room.

    PERFORMANCE DATE & TIME: Saturday 21 July, 7pm - 7.45pm

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  • Creative Team
  • CREATED BY Ryan Gilmartin, Morgan Bailey, Seyi George Oluyinká

    DRAMATURG Sam Ward


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