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This Christmas we have a musical adventure for all children aged 3+

  • 12 December 2015 - 3 January 2016
  • The Studio
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“Hey Reindeer, you got Groove.”

In this story Rudy doesn’t have a red nose; rather it’s his talent for exciting new music that sets him apart from all the other Reindeer. Together with a magical Jazz Penguin he goes on an adventure that teaches him that life isn’t about following the herd.

Sing the blues with a Polar Bear, jam with the Puffins and beat-box with an Arctic Fox. It all happens at the North Pole Jazz Lounge. It’s gonna be coooool.

An original show featuring live jazz music for children ages 3 and up.

5 stars “Brilliant... there is so much to enjoy in this innovative piece of children’s theatre” WhatsOnStage

  • Event Information
  • VENUE: The Studio

    PERFORMANCE DATES: Saturday 12 December 2015 - Sunday 3 January 2016


    Sat 12/12/15 11:30AM
    Sat 12/12/15 1:30PM
    Sun 13/12/15 11:30AM
    Sun 13/12/15 1:30PM
    Tue 15/12/15 11:30AM
    Wed 16/12/15 11:30AM
    Wed 16/12/15 1:30PM
    Thu 17/12/15 11:30AM
    Thu 17/12/15 1:30PM
    Fri 18/12/15 11:30AM
    Fri 18/12/15 1:30PM
    Sat 19/12/15 11:30AM
    Sat 19/12/15 1:30PM
    Sun 20/12/15 11:30AM
    Sun 20/12/15 1:30PM
    Tue 22/12/15 11:30AM
    Tue 22/12/15 1:30PM
    Wed 23/12/15 11:30AM
    Wed 23/12/15 1:30PM
    Thu 24/12/15 11:30AM
    Thu 24/12/15 1:30PM
    Sat 26/12/15 3:30PM
    Sun 27/12/15 11:30AM
    Sun 27/12/15 1:30PM
    Tue 29/12/15 11:30AM
    Tue 29/12/15 1:30PM
    Wed 30/12/15 11:30AM
    Wed 30/12/15 1:30PM
    Thu 31/12/15 11:30AM
    Thu 31/12/15 1:30PM
    Fri 1/1/16 3:30PM
    Sat 2/1/16 11:30AM
    Sat 2/1/16 1:30PM
    Sun 3/1/16 11:30AM
    Sun 3/1/16 1:30PM

    Standard Tickets £12
    Concessions £10
    Under 13s £5


    BOOK TICKETS: Box Office: 0161 833 9833 / online


  • Creative Team
  • Writer - Matt Borgatti 
    Director - Andrew Barry
    Designer - Katie Scott
    Composers - Will Dollard, Mary Erskine, David Lydon
    LX and Sound Design - Ali Armstrong

    Story developed by Andrew Barry, Matt Borgatti, Will Dollard, David Lydon and Katie Scott

  • Accessible Performances
  • RELAXED PERFORMANCE: Wednesday 16 December, 11.30am. Full details here

  • Rudy

    Peter Mooney

    Jazz Penguin / Ol Polar Bear

    Yana Penrose

    Mrs Hoo / Fitz / Nina

    Hollie Cassar

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