This week the festival anthem SHAPES OF LOVE is released to download on bandcamp

Last week CONNECT FEST, written by Testament and directed by Nickie Miles-Wildin, hit the airwaves, part theatre show, part soap-opera, part music festival – it was a celebration of how music can connect us. Forty members of the Royal Exchange’s Young Company and Elders Company, aged between 14 and 82yrs, came together to make this brand-new piece of work and like all good music festivals it needed an anthem – SHAPES OF LOVE.

This original song was written by Young Company member Matthew Waren who was challenged to come up with a 1980s hit pop-song for Quandary the imagined band who were to play Connect Fest main-stage. Matthew said… “Starting from a character creation exercise, SHAPES OF LOVE transformed from a throwaway line to a full-blown anthem.”

The catchy synthesiser melody of this 1980s version soon became the Company’s ear-worm and SHAPES OF LOVE was an obvious anthem not only for the fictional music festival but also for everyone working on this incredible show. So, a new version of SHAPES OF LOVE was created and recorded by the Company.

As writer Testament added… “Music is one of those connectors that can transcend our backgrounds, social environment, present difficulties and perhaps even time itself. Even the process of making the show together has brought the very thing the show celebrates - a sense that we are not alone."

Matthew added “It’s been a pleasure to pen and collaborate on this song with the company and I’m honoured that it’s become such a hit within the theatre!”

This week we get to release both version of SHAPES OF LOVE – Matthews 1980s pop-hit and our very own anthem recorded and performed by our inter-generational CONENCT FEST band.

You can download SHAPES OF LOVE here – who knows perhaps it will become your ear-worm too? 
(£1.50 for both songs with all proceeds going to the Royal Exchange Theatre)