This week, as part of our OPEN EXCHANGE NETWORK, we've given two groups from different disciplines the opportunity to explore a stimulus, and at the end of this week, to informal share their outcome and discuss how they’ve spent their time and what they’ve learned.

Using the Royal Exchange’s Great Hall and its complex and conflicted history as inspiration, the focus of REACT October 2015 is to explore a site specific response to the building.

REACT - Memories of the future tour posterLed by storytelling Nikky Norton, her group SNC will be presenting: BRIEF - Memories of the Future

Manchester, one of the busiest and most developed cities in the world is home to many a gem. Amongst the hustle and bustle of mundane city life, lies the Great Hall - known to many as the Royal Exchange. To the ordinary folk that frequent Her, She bears significance in the shaping of the culture and history of Manchester. But, how well do we know her?

How many people know that the RE was once exclusively a space for men? Do Mancunians know that up until Queen Victoria's visit she was known simlpy as 'The Exchange'? Do theatre-goers know that the Royal Exchange has been built, and rebuilt, three times in three different locations?

SNC - a collective of artists from various disciplines - have spent a week discovering and rediscovering the stories of this great character. They have dug up a number of hidden stories and found secret locations - they invite you on a time-traveling tour of the Royal Exchange where memories of the future will be revealed by an unconventional tour guide.

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