Over the course of the next five weeks, our Young Communicators will be updating you on the lead up to BRINK; the Young Company’s 2015 Studio show.

Members of our Young Company, in collaboration with internationally renowned writer Jackie Kay MBE and Associate Artistic Director, Matthew Xia, are edging closer to performance date for BRINK…

MattHOn the 25 February Young Communicators interviewed Matt Hassall, Associate Director of BRINK…

What’s it like working with the Young Company?
It is a brilliant experience, constantly interesting as there is such an eclectic mix of young people involved. I am always impressed by the never ending creativity of the young people we work with and their commitment to the Royal Exchange.

Brink1Where did the idea of Brink come from?
We wanted to create a show that was specifically about young people. We explored ideas that might be relevant to this, and talked to young people within the company about their own experiences and what it feels like to be a young person today. From this the idea of transition or changing was a key theme across all of their stories. We then discussed these ideas and from that the idea of being on ‘the brink’ came about.

What does it feel like to be on the brink? Is it good or bad? How do you feel when you know things are going to change? How does it feel when you don’t know what it will be like after the change?

And suddenly it took on lots of possibilities. ‘The Brink’ could be a place as well as a feeling and the idea of ‘brinking’ could be something that could unite lots of people.

Brink2What has been the approach to creating the play?
We are really keen that there is an authenticity to the play; especially in the way it represents young people and depicts their experiences. Jackie has worked with members of the Young Company to hear their stories and then use them in her writing. She has then merged this with worked by the Young Writers.

Why should people come to watch Brink?
It’s a landmark production for the Royal Exchange Theatre Young Company. Its performed and made by up and coming exiting new talent. It fuses storytelling, with music, breakdance, poetry, movement and rap. It explores a variety of issues including; pressure to succeed, loss, mental health, first love and coming out.

Do you think this would have been as effective if there hadn’t been any input from the Young Company?
Absolutely not. The energy, creativity and commitment from the Young Company have made Brink what it is. It is without a doubt their show.

Opening night for the Company’s 2014-15 show, BRINK, is just five weeks away. Receiving its world premiere on 26 March in The Studio. More Information & Book Tickets here.