As part of our ongoing commitment to nurture, support and inspire local theatre-makers, the Royal Exchange Theatre are able to offer directors based in Greater Manchester the opportunity to observe the journey of a production through rehearsals with our OBSERVER MONDAYS SCHEME

Check out our brand new blogs for THE CRUCIBLE and SO HERE WERE ARE by Observing Directors Jennifer Iswara and Jocelyn Cox.

JenniferIswara A snippet from THE CRUCIBLE blog by Observing Director Jennifer Iswara...

"Before I started as Observer on this project I knew it was a big play. Big cast. Big ideas. Big reputation. But nothing prepared me for the number of people in the room first thing on Monday morning. Quite aside from the 19 cast members I counted, the artistic team took the body count in the room up to 30. I've never been in such a big rehearsal room. And what amazing diversity in the room as well. From seasoned Exchange and RSC stalwarts to young actors on their first job. Such a brilliant range of experience in the room.

And still it felt like the first day of school for everyone. Getting to know new faces, finding out their role on the project. 

Hearing the play aloud for the first time added colour and dimension and a fleeting glimpse of what the show will be. The first day on a piece with such depth, it really is only possible to have only the tiniest of beginnings of conversations around themes and meanings."



 A snippet from SO HERE WE ARE blog by Observing Director Jocelyn Cox...

"So Here We Are started with a meet and greet; introductions of the cast and creative team to the Royal Exchange Theatre staff, and each other. This was immediately followed by a model box and design presentation by Lily. She talked about Southend as an environment of shingle, graffiti and concrete. The main design inspirations were a trip to Southend with Steven and photography by Martin Parr, a picture of whose is the promotional image for the show.

Lily and Steven discussed the two-fold nature of both the play itself and the nature of performing both in the Studio at the Exchange, and at the Aldeburgh Jubilee Hall as part of the HighTide Festival. Referring to the two distinct performance spaces, the cast were reassured that the storytelling would obviously be the same; it will be a case of tweaking for the particular spaces."



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