After the workshop about language and ageing on 19th October, Elders member Brenda Hickey was inspired to write another poem exploring how she might be seen by others.

I See You

You may think I am inconsequential and my home is in state residential
But, I’ve lived a full life, I’ve known trouble and strife, I still hide from the man from prudential
Tell me, what do you see when you look at me, when really, I don’t need to ask
If you had your way, I’d be well on my way, screwed down in a big wooden cask
Now, when I see you, you would cry if you knew, you are me in 50 years’ time
Woo! Look at that face, like a mad Norman Bates, that’s drunk down some chloride and lime.

Please, won’t you spare me a moment, and if you don’t like what I say
I’ll just walk on by; you may hear me sigh for the chance we may both miss this day
I used to be you well, your age group, oh, you find that so hard to believe
Just get to know me, the person inside, as sometimes your eyes can deceive
I was you, I am you, NO! Don’t turn away, from a chance you may live to regret
I can help you prepare for your future, give you insights you will never forget

We have the same needs, we both love to laugh, do you tingle when a stranger smiles
And for family and friends, we‘d tread broken glass for miles and miles and miles
So, now you know me better, don’t you wish that you were me?
See me, know me, trust me; we’re not so different you and me
Are you glad you stopped to listen, hey; you’re smiling that is a start?
I have a present for you; it is a place inside m y heart.

I see you. Do you see me?