This ferocious and feisty political comedy is an urgent exploration of our global economic reality.

“This wasn’t an organised protest, this was a spontaneous uprising!”

Antonia nips out for a few bits for tea, but when she and the other women find out prices in the local supermarket have doubled, a rebellion is born! In an involuntary riot the women storm the shop, grabbing, shoving and filling their trollies – like supermarket sweep on steroids. When she arrives home Antonia has no idea where to hide the swag and when Margherita walks in, just before her devoted husband appears, they have no choice but to fake a miracle pregnancy, quickly shoving the contraband up Margherita’s coat with no time to spare! Events wonderfully, chaotically and hilariously spiral to a stomach-splitting crescendo.

A smash-hit at the Sydney Opera House in February 2020 this absurdist comedy is a fiercely intelligent version of Dario Fo’s original farce. Sharply focused and wonderfully, relentlessly, bone-achingly funny.