A sweeping state-of-the-nation play that embraces huge political and economic ideas in a magnificent gritty social drama. Nottage’s stunning writing pits friend against friend as social and racial tensions, once buried by a sense of solidarity, soon rise to the surface in this breathtaking drama.

Tracey and Cynthia are best friends, and after 20 years on the factory floor their friendship is ingrained with the sweat of shared manual labour. Together, in this small Pennsylvanian town, they have celebrated birthdays, stood firm for each other and laughed until they cried. But as fat-cat factory owners look for cheaper options, where unions are no trouble, and employees will work for less, these women are about to have the rug pulled out from under everything they know.

Lynn Nottage’s 2017 Pulitzer-Prize winning drama, directed by Jade Lewis is destined to be an American Classic.

“I feel really honoured and excited to bring Lynn Nottage’s Sweat to Manchester. Sweat gives a voice to the people, highlighting lives, dreams and experiences of the ordinary person with such nuance and complexity.” Jade Lewis, Director


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