We were overwhelmed to receive 78 applications of exceptional quality and vision for the 2016 Hodgkiss Award and had a considerable task to create a shortlist of 7 applications.  

A Longlist of 19 was drawn up which led to a passionate and intense discussion by the core artistic team at the Royal Exchange Theatre and freelance journalist, commentator and dramaturg Andrew Haydon.

  • BEARS – Ross McCaffrey and Powder Keg – “Bears is a self destructive piece of theatre about how humans affect the landmass of animal habitation.”
  • THE DIAGNOSIS OF DEATH – Dr Tuheen Huda – “The Diagnosis of Death is a window into acceptance and recognition of separation, loss and the unstoppable momentum of nature.”
  • DO WE WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS? – Louie Ingham & Mark Melville – “Do We Want to Live Like This will bring together scientists, artists, philosophers, ecologists, town planners, imagineers, writers, young people, a raft of folks with a view on the myriad of ways to live as a small island on a paradoxically expanding and shrinking earth.”
  • I REALLY NEED TO TALK TO YA – Kamal Kaan – “I Really Need to Talk to Ya is an invitation, to lighten some of your anxieties: to speak, to scream, to cry, to just want an ear, to do what the other person wants, who knows what they want, they could ask for anything… anything could happen.”
  • JEREMIAH – Jack Dean – “Through a loud and rambunctious piece of gig theatre, Jeremiah will tell the incredible true story of a movement that spanned the whole North of England, had more British soldiers fighting it than Napoleon, and made the destruction of machinery a capital offence – the much misunderstood Luddite rebellion.”
  • THE SHALLOWS – Piers Black-Hawkins & Ransack Theatre – “The Shallows explores how the internet is affecting our brains and changing how we think; a neurological rewiring that is a rare event in human history akin to the industrial revolution.”
  • YOU OVER THERE – Luca Rutherford & Co – “You Over There is a revolt against the inhumanity of the refugee crisis. Children are growing up around the rhetoric that borders are necessary and certain people need to be kept out. This is a show that sings out a different call: listen to each other, work with each other; play with each other; it’s a lot more fun and interesting.”

We look forward to meeting these artists on the Judging Day on Saturday 25th June.

The winner will be announced on this website on Tuesday 28 June.