...Victoria Turner, Associate Director at Levitt Bernstein’s Manchester Studio.


Levitt Bernstein is the practice which designed the original Royal Exchange Theatre in 1976 and subsequent refurbishment in 1996. Levitt Bernstein is a corporate member and continues to actively support this amazing theatre company. 

Tell us about your first visit to the Exchange

I was a regular patron and general ‘hang abouter’ here as a teenager in the 1980’s! An earliest memory was seeing Ian McDiarmid in EDWARD II in 1986. Astonishing.

My typical day is…

Juggling a thousand life and work balls in the air

What theatre production has made you give a standing ovation?

At the Royal Exchange…EDWARD II 1986, ALL MY SONS 1988, THE CRUCIBLE 1990…and more recently A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE 2011. Powerful plays brilliantly staged. I also stood last year for Akram Khan’s GISELLE by the English National Ballet

If I wasn’t doing this I’d be…

Asking myself why not

Why are the arts and culture important to you?

All walks of life can be discussed and expressed in a myriad of ways. They provide an uncensored window for everyone to experience the multiple facets of the human condition.

The best bit of your job

People- collaborating with, creating with and designing for


If you could programme one show what would it be?

That’s like choosing a favourite child… anything with a strong female lead and immersive story.

My most memorable work moment is…

Starting my first day’s work at Levitt Bernstein in 1996 on the refurbishment of this theatre…serendipity

Can you sum up your relationship with the Royal Exchange in 5 words?

The reason I’m an architect

What makes Manchester so special?

It’s warm, resilient, creative, inclusive and proud


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