The Royal Exchange Theatre Elders Leaders hosted an afternoon of poetry and tea for member of Together Dementia Support, who had taken part in the creative phone project WE’LL BE IN TOUCH.

The project We’ll Be In Touch, paired ELDERS LEADERS with Together Dementia Support members. LEADERS telephoned their partner once a week for a month. During each call, The LEADERS shared a piece of text (a poem, song lyric or verse from Shakespeare), invited a conversation about it and then posed a series of questions which led to the creation of a brand new poem.

WE’LL BE IN TOUCH was developed in response to the pandemic. The project began in January 2021 following a partnership between the Royal Exchange Theatre and Together Dementia Support, supported by Small Things. There have since been a further three rounds of the project involving 25 participants from Together Dementia Support and 16 ELDERS LEADERS.

Our ELDERS LEADERS are graduates of the ELDERS COMPANY who lead and initiate creative projects.