The Leigh Local Ambassadors commissioned writer/director Joe Gilmour to create a performance that showcased stories from local people.

Joe Gilmour and Leigh Ambassador Tom Stocks did open workshops with the community and targeted workshops with local groups/organisations; Everything Human Rights, More Than Words, Leigh Family Welfare Centre and Complete Kindness.

Show Description

Best Every Place Ever – Charley has the perfect life in Leigh – family nearby, life-long friends, and his dream job – driving the V1 bus! But when his little sister Alex comes back buzzing from an Edinburgh University open day, he starts to realise things might change – will she leave her friends, her family, her local area? Charley rushes to organise his own open day for Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley to prove to his sister that she should stay!
Created in weekly sessions by local residents of Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley, this thirty-minute new play combines a whistle-stop tour of all the best local spots, with a moving coming-of-age story.
Featuring live music, authentic accents and some dancing swans!