There are so many rich, beautifully complex and compelling stories Cheetham has to share about its history, its present and its future. And together, with writer Gareth Smith and Sound Designer SHAR, the Local Exchange Cheetham Hill Ambassadors met and interviewed community groups to unearth these stories.

Made in collaboration with over 30 participants, UP THE HILL delves into Cheetham’s past, the roots of migration, the strength in knowing one’s community (& the forgotten communities), the freedom and intimacy found in space, the things our hearts long for, the revelatory nature of art & culture and what the future may hold. There are seven parts to UP THE HILL, each based on personal anecdotes shared by participants and narrated by some of them.

Watch the ‘UP THE HILL’ videos and scroll further down for some fascinating insights into the creative process.
The past runs wild in Cheetham Hill. Each of the buildings has a story to tell. The earth, the roads, equally as rich. Take a journey from yonder to the edge of today. See recognisable shapes illuminated in new ways.

The empire, the industry, the EU. Famine, war, jobs and homes. Migration is the fuel that keeps Manchester burning. Stories of hope and opportunity, loss and longing. Stories from yesterday and stories of tomorrow.
Who represents you and in what way? If your voice is not present then how can you have a say? What do you own and where is your influence? Meet 6 people and many options in a round table discussion about to get more for our neighbours and how to give more back.

Where’s your nearest green space? How well do you know it? Can you remember the undesirable edges? Do you remember getting lost in it? Stroll through some parks and see what’s going on. Find out what it takes to get involved?
Longing is love. It need not be sad. It can be returned to in shared moments. We all long for unique things and everyone does it a little differently, though youthful experiences are universally strong. Do your longings match up with theirs?
Art is who we are as people. To learn, to grow is to be alive. Cheetham, with its rich culture of investigation, of inward and outward reflection and learning. The desire for wonder is still very strong. Lend me your ears and sing you a song….
Manchester is fast moving feast but does everybody get to eat? We don’t challenge things for the sake of it, we do so because we aren’t included. Hear some thoughts from activists and gardens on the future. Can we make it safe? Can we make it together?