The Royal Exchange Theatre Leigh Ambassadors created and produced 'Connecting Tales' a podcast which celebrates and showcases the people, cultural life and creative opportunities available in Leigh, Tydesley and Atherton.

This was an Ambassador led project which began remotely during lockdown, but then developed as we got closer to The Den at Spinners Mill.

Episode 1+2 feature interviews with the four winners of the first round of LocalTALE; a playwriting competition for Leigh, Atherton and Tydesley set up by the Royal Exchange Ambassadors. Extracts of the winning plays are read by members of RET Young Company, RET Elders Company and Leigh Ambassadors, directed by Maria Zemlinskaya.

Extract of Battery Low, Written by Alison Ormrod, Performed by Lorraine Reynolds and James Allen. Extract of Green Leaves, Written by Mary Berry, Performed by Louisa Brown and Sandy Parkinson. Extract of Dreams For Our Daughters, written by Pegeen Murphy, performed by Maralyn Tohill, Dionne Doherty, Nathaly Sabino. Extract of The Tree From You Or Me, written by Charlotte Kirton, performed by Jack Kirkpatrick and Josie Julyan

Episodes 3+4 are about Spinners Mill, the location where THE DEN was hosted in Leigh. Conversations are had with Peter Rowlinson (Chair of Leigh Building Preservation Trust) and Jo Platt (General Manager Business Development), exploring the buildings past, present and exciting future plans. In Part 2, Mike talks to Elizabeth Costello, Will Travis, Janet Howkins and Lisa Johnson, all organisers and artists that work within the mill to create and share work.

Episode 5+6 were recorded at The Den festival in Leigh, presenter and Leigh Ambassador Mike Burwin has chats with actors, writers and producers from some of the performances which happened at the festival. These feature actor/writer Lauryn Redding from Bloody Elle, Some People Feel The Rain writer Keiran Knowles, Kit Theatre producers and performers Tom Bowtell and Elliot Hall and Fly Half actor/writer Gary Lagden and musician Gareth Moulton.