Over the past eighteen months, as part of You, The Audience - our giant conversation with our audiences - we’ve been collecting your stories, hearing your ideas, exploring together what theatre in the 21st century is for and what you want a theatre to be. Come and see that outcome...

An exhibition with a difference
Join us in The Studio to:
  • Enjoy the newly commissioned work of visual artists Oliver East and Johnny Woodhams who have made a thrilling exhibition of your ideas and opinions
  • Experience an intimate, atmospheric sound installation by sound artists Eloise Whitmore and Tony Churnside, built from the voices of audience members sharing their personal dreams and memories of theatre
  • View and vote on our developing Audience Manifesto for Theatre
  • Contribute a personal story and sign up to be added to our You, The Audience audio archive
  • Take part as audience or participant in our four day programme of free discussions and events (see here for details)
Thursday 17 March, 10am - 7pm
Friday 18 March, 10am - 7pm
Saturday 19 March, 10am - 7pm
Sunday 20 March, 11am - 5pm
Further information available at royalexchange.co.uk/showandtell.


Theatre Café Discussion and conversation group
Thursday 17 March, 11.30am - 1pm. £3 *
Theatre Café is a chance to talk about the work we stage here, the state of British theatre and why we make theatre at all. At each session we pose a question that links to the show currently in production... 
Has the representation of women in theatre significantly changed in the last 100 years?
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Keeping up with the Elders Performance
Thursday 17 March, 3pm. The Studio. FREE *
Members of the Company will explore, through voice and movement what theatre is for and how it makes them feel.
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WEAVE:ECHO Launch Event 
Friday 18 March, 5.30pm. FREE
A thrilling new sound commission by artists Jason Singh and Cassiel, made in response to The Great Hall and to You, The Audience. More Information
This event takes place in The Great Hall. FREE to attend; no booking needed

Artist Oliver East in residence
Saturday 19 March, 12 noon - 7pm. The Studio. FREE

‘Theatre, Audience, Memory, Feeling’ Discussion
Saturday 19 March, 5pm - 6pm. The Studio. FREE * 
Responding to the studio installation and recent productions at the Royal Exchange, we'll be talking about the things that theatre can do, why audiences and feelings matter, and the ways that memory becomes history. All are welcome. In partnership with the University of Manchester.
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We Want Chocolate Fountains
Sunday 20 March, 12.30pm - 3pm. The Studio. FREE
Drop-In Family Workshop for everyone aged 5 -105
Tickets/Advanced Booking not needed. Simply pop in.

Advance booking required for events marked *
Use the links above to book tickets online, alternatively please call the Box Office on 01618339833


The Biggest Room In The World
Launch Event: Friday 18 March, 5.30pm
WEAVE:ECHO is an interactive sound and visual installation which transforms and develops by interacting with the public through Twitter.
The space of the Royal Exchange Theatre’s Great Hall has changed and transformed throughout its history, and within it voices both heard and unheard have played a huge part in its purpose and success. From the cotton trade to the theatre stage, through visitors, artists, audiences and theatre makers, thousands of voices continue each day to fill the beautiful acoustic space of the building.
WEAVE:ECHO aims to celebrate the acoustics of the Great Hall with a vocal soundscape that changes through the online interaction of today's “voices”, the voices of the people of Manchester and beyond.
A series of vocal soundscapes created by musician and composer Jason Singh will be played at various times of the day in the Great Hall, and will develop and transform depending on the interaction between people, space and social networking. Through an audio-visual interface designed by composer and software architect Cassiel, anyone using pre-assigned hashtags through the Royal Exchange’s Twitter feed will have the chance to interact, develop and transform the soundscape in real-time.
WEAVE:ECHO has been created in joint collaboration between musician and composer Jason Singh and composer and software architect Cassiel, with additional contributions from the Sacred Sounds Choir.
WEAVE:ECHO is presented as part of The Biggest Room In The World - a series of artist commissions responding to the Great Hall - its past, present and future - with new work which is accessible, engaging and free to visitors.
Further information available at www.royalexchange.co.uk/weaveecho.