Part of Co:LAB Festival 2018. Created by the Royal Exchange Theatre's Open Exchange.


  • By Lydia Cottrell and Michael-Jon Mizra
  • 22 July 2018
  • The Great Hall
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A ritualistic hangout for a generation who have replaced the evening fires with a laptop screen.

Inviting people in to move and be moved and to take a break from their screens to experience something that shifts between performance, seance, guided meditation, cave, rave, yoga class and ASMR relaxation.

An intimate experience to help you forget about or delve deeper into your google search history. A sequence of activitieS, harnEssing the techNology that is carried Daily, a Neo ritUal for the Digital agES.

Come and join us for a moment of alteration and real world connection.

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Co:LAB festival is part of Open Exchange

  • Event Information
  • VENUE: Members Suite.


    Sunday 22 July, 3pm - 3.30pm, 4.00pm - 4.30pm and 5pm - 5.30pm

    TICKETS: All events are pay what you decide.

    We have introduced a Pay What You Decide pricing policy for Co:LAB shows. The scheme works by enabling audiences to attend shows without paying for a ticket beforehand, but tickets can be reserved prior to a performance. Then on exiting the show, you have the opportunity to make a donation of what you decide you want to, or can afford to pay, based on your overall enjoyment of the performance.

    At the end of the performance, you can text, for example, ‘CLAB18 £5’ to 70070. You can choose from £3/£5/£10/£15/£20

    BOOK NOW: Online or via the Box Office on 0161 833 9833

  • Creative Team
  • PERFORMER Lydia Cottrell

    SOUND DESIGN Michael-Jon Mizra

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