A truly international group.

World Wide Workshop is a truly international group for individuals aged 18+, including refugees and asylum seekers, new arrivals to the UK and those for whom English is an additional language. It is for both people who are new to theatre, and those with experience.

"There are many different creeds, colours and personalities which make up WWW, and I believe this gives the group a certain uniqueness which other groups don’t have... I have thoroughly enjoyed each session and feel privileged to be a member of the WWW team. I have learnt a great deal from each and every member and have made some great friends. I can say hand on heart that joining WWW is one of the best things I have ever done"

Starting in 2006 as the Refugee Theatre Company there have been various different strands and projects within World Wide Workshop over the years. We are currently working with a consultation group to review this offer, strengthening networks and partnerships with existing organisations such as Manchester City of Sanctuary.