A digital research project exploring the relationship older people have with creativity

During 2023 and 2024, we have partnered with the University of Manchester to conduct research exploring creative ageing. The study may reveal interesting findings to really understand what ageism is.

The research is being co-conducted by Dr. MaoHui Deng (Lecturer in Film Studies) and Dr. Sophie Everest (Lecturer in Film Practice) with Andy Hardman (Lecturer in Creative Practice and Cultural Industries) and older participants. The older participants have been making films using phones or camera equipment about a subject of their choosing. In this way we will get to understand the point of view of the participants.

The first phase of the project involved Elders Leaders (including Gill Bassam, Tony Cocker, Jackie Corr, Paul Green. Bernard Leach, Jacquie Long, Christine Ovens, Lorraine Reynolds, Ann Sarge Glyn Treharne and David Weston) creating their own short films. You can some of these films below.

The second phase of the project involves the Elders Leaders as peer mentors working with four new filmmakers from Rochdale, as well as filmmaker Kieran Hanson from Kenawa Films.

Dr. Deng and Dr. Everest will use the films as a starting point to present findings on creative ageing, which we will be available here later.