Collective is a Membership for under 26s

If you are under 26, become a collective member and join a growing network of young creatives in Greater Manchester.

Your Collective membership will give you:
  • access to free workshops and discounted projects
  • unique special offers and discounted tickets
  • the opportunity to join us and our VIP guests for press night – a limited number of press night tickets will be available on a first come first served basis
  • a digital newsletter with creative opportunities, events and news
  • performance opportunities
  • 20% off at Rivals Café and Bar
The Collective workshops are delivered in modules:
  • September – December 2023 – DESIGN/MAKING
  • January – April 2024 – WRITING

Collective workshops typically take place on weekdays from 6pm-8pm. We also have longer projects during the half term to give members the opportunity to further develop their ideas and craft.

Become a Collective member

Memberships are £25 per year. See below to purchase a membership. 

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