A devastating and delicately woven piece about violence, love and loss.

“There was a fork in her face. An actual fork. He dug a fork into her face. A fork stood on end in her cheek. A fork.” 

Three couples.

Thirty years.

Mothers and daughters. Lovers, partners, husbands and wives. Babies, teenagers, birthdays, holidays, honeymoons, terrorist attacks, fireworks, near-misses, rain. This is a play about all of it.

The smallest tremble. A smashed glass. The ripping apart of space and time.

An explosion.

“Will you kiss me at New Year – when the clock strikes will you?”  

Phoebe Eclair-Powell’s stunning new play was the 2019 winner of the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting. SHED: EXPLODED VIEW is a delicately woven tapestry about violence, love and loss, brought to the stage by award-winning director Atri Banerjee.

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