The Royal Exchange began working with Let’s Talk in Spring 2023 as a community partner in Rochdale, as part of Local Exchange.

Let’s Talk is a community organisation for Women in the heart of Rochdale which aims to give confidence back to the community, helping them to integrate back into society and building bridges between communities to combat these issues. Most of their members are of Pakistani and Indian heritage, with some from African Heritage. At their core they operate on friendship, trust and love, spreading joy and positivity.

Tamasha funded community response projects based on GREAT EXPECTATIONS. One with our  partner school, The East Manchester Academy, and one with community group Let’s Talk. Together, artist Gitika Buttoo and the Let’s Talk’s community created the project ‘The Big Dream’, which developed into the creation of an exhibition showcasing their creative conversations.

Like with Pipli, everyone in this world has a ‘Big Dream’ but often do not have the right space and time to talk about and execute this. Following the themes of partition, class, opportunity and equity from the play, this project was shaped by the voices of the Let’s Talk women to rediscover and open up their ‘Big Dreams’.

When the Let’s Talk group visited the Royal Exchange Theatre, and learnt about the Great Hall, conversations turned to ‘partition’. The ladies were so eager to learn and share their knowledge on partition, before this particular project had even been in discussion. They were a natural partner for this project, which became an act of self-care, an act of justice and an act of love by the women, for women and global majority groups everywhere.

“Let’s Talk are a one in a lifetime community. They are more than just a group – they’re family, they’re the embodiment of love, and I’m so grateful they allowed me an insight into their home. In one of the sessions, they burst into songs and I had never felt more included then in that moment. It was beautiful.”
Sadia, Rochdale Community Connecter for The Royal Exchange Theatre

‘The Big Dream’ is now being exhibited within the Royal Exchange Theatre during ‘Romeo & Juliet’, you can find it in our exhibition/workshop space, ask a member of staff to point you in it’s direction next time you’re visiting us.