How do we select?

Unfortunately we cannot offer a place to everyone who applies to the Young Company.

Last year, we received over 300 applications for just 130 places. To ensure this process is fair and consistent, we have a clear selection process in place:

-       We look at how you participate in the recruitment workshop alongside the information you put on your application form.

-       Due to our funding requirements, we prioritise entry for young people from GMCA districts – Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan.

-       Manchester is a vibrant and diverse city and we proactively aim to ensure the Young Company reflects this makeup in our selections.

-       Whether you’re a novice, an expert or somewhere in between, we aim to make the groups as balanced as possible, working with young people with different levels of experience.

Do you recruit at any other time during the year?

Membership to RXTheatreYC lasts from September - August and our main recruitment drive is from May - July each year. However, we will create a reserve list in case anybody can't continue with the company and will notify you if a place is available at a different point in the year. 

Can I reapply?

Yes. We retain approx. 25% of membership from the previous year and 75% are new members. We do this to make sure there are fresh and new ideas within the company. 

What does it cost?

There is a termly cost to each group but our Arts Pot scheme offers financial support for individuals who need it, and can be used to help cover project and workshop fees, and the cost of travel to and from the Theatre. Once you are offered a place in RXTheatreYC, we will send you information about the Arts Pot scheme.

Term 1 Costs:

- Associates – £30
- Creatives – £85
- Communicators – £85
- Performers – £85
- Technicians – £55
- Writers – £85

What are the Young Company Associates?

The Associates is for anyone new to theatre and performing and who wants to find out more. They will meet once a month for practical workshops as well as receiving tickets to all our main house shows and regular project opportunities across the year. Find out more here