Welcome to Beswick, Openshaw and Clayton, where we are in our second year of Local Exchange.

Our residency in Beswick, Openshaw and Clayton is in its second year, where from 11th to 19th August 2023, we brought our mobile theatre, the Den, to The East Manchester Academy in Beswick for the East Manchester Community Festival. Nine days of events, performances, workshops and activities, co-created and delivered by our Local Exchange Ambassador team of residents from Beswick, Openshaw and Clayton.

We’ve been working in partnership with housing association One Manchester, Beswick Library and The Resonance Centre, and also working closely to consult with residents in the Grey Mare Lane Estate. We have a group of Local Exchange Ambassadors who meet monthly to have a conversation about changes they would like to see in the local area and make and shape an arts programme that is bespoke to their area. With us they co-created The East Manchester Community Festival 2023 coming to Beswick this summer. We continue to run free performance workshops in Beswick Library open to anyone aged 14-21 to develop new creative skills. We also have an exciting programme called LET’S GET CREATIVE, monthly free craft workshops for adults to get creative and chat about the area.

Interested in getting involved?

Do you want to meet new people, develop new skills and create arts projects in Beswick, Openshaw and Clayton? We are looking for residents aged 14+ who live, work or play in Beswick, Openshaw and Clayton to join our team of Local Ambassadors – a group of community members working with the Royal Exchange Theatre to deliver our Local Exchange Programme in your area.

We meet monthly to develop projects that are created with the community at the heart of it. After delivering the East Manchester Community Festival we are looking to develop new projects with our group of ambassadors and welcome new people to the group.

We’re now recruiting for Ambassadors from or with connections to Beswick, Openshaw and Clayton and welcome applications from anyone who has an interest in getting involved. Applications are open to anybody aged 14+. To apply, please follow this link.