Welcome to Tameside where we are in our fifth year of our Local Exchange partnership

In 2019 Tameside hosted the first ever Den festival. We are currently working with the Tameside Creative Exchange group (previous Tameside Ambassadors) to develop projects for the end of 2023.

We have also been working in partnership with Jigsaw Homes on the Dukinfield Craft café. We have have made some incredible partnerships with Tameside Council, Jigsaw Homes, Global Grooves, Age UK, Tameside Women’s Centre and Holy Trinity Community Centre.

Our Tameside Ambassadors have been working with us since 2018 and have been developed some incredible projects – from making their own work, commissioning plays for THE DEN to digging out allotments and creating workshops locally.

In August 2019, Tameside hosted the first ever version of the Den Festival.   THE DEN IN STALYBRIDGE was a huge success.

Since then there’s been much more going on in Tameside, with projects happening across the borough.