Do you have a passion for theatre and culture? Would you like to help us build, shape and make an arts programme that is bespoke to your community? If so then becoming a Local Exchange ambassador is for you.

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Every month in Tameside, the Ambassadors meet and discuss the changes they would like to see in Tameside, building on the impact from the Den festival in 2019. They are also given an allocation of tickets to invite groups and residents local to Tameside to see Royal Exchange productions.

As an ambassador they are also part of a team who work closely with Royal Exchange staff, artists and directors to shape the projects that happen in their area across the residency.

Within the Ambassador groups, there are two Co-chairs (one under 26 and one 26+). They are responsible for attending an additional monthly meeting at RET, that sees them advise us on the work they’d like to see in Tameside and take valuable information back to the rest of the Ambassadors.

Recruitment for Tameside Ambassadors has now closed.